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45 Ways To Increase Your Steps

People are becoming more aware how movement is key for our overall health, which makes me so happy. A question I get often is "how many steps should I aim for per day?" Let's dive into this! You might have heard 10 000 steps a day is the goal to aim for but i'm here to tell you it really depends on the individual!

Contrary to popular belief, this number is arbitrary and the 10k target actually comes from a Japanese marketing campaign from 1965 to sell a pedometer to track steps!

This marketing I can get on board with since getting people moving more is a great thing. Research shows anywhere from 7500 steps to 10 000 steps a day decreases all cause risk of mortality by 60-70% so I suggest most people aim to get within that range. 5000 or less steps is considered sedentary and associated with negative health markers.

The time an individual has to walk in a day must get taken into account as well so I always meet my clients where they are at now and look to make small improvements over time. I made an instagram post showing how I increased my movement without adding any additional time to my day.

Any increase in your movement from where you are now is beneficial so challenge yourself this week! Aim to get an additional 2000 steps then you are currently averaging per day. This would take you around 20 mins to do and using these tips, can be quite easy to increase to!

  1. Aim for a daily step goal (in this case your current baseline + 3000!)

  2. Break your step goal into small chunks (x steps by 12pm, x steps by 3pm)

  3. Schedule a daily walk(s) into your calendar

  4. Park at the back of any parking lot or further from work

  5. Always take the stairs over elevator and walk on the escalator

  6. Walk during commercial breaks

  7. Walk while brushing your teeth

  8. Walk while brewing coffee or boiling water for tea

  9. Set alarms in your phone to get up and move consistently

  10. Walk during work zoom meetings

  11. Pace during rest times in your workout

  12. Plan weekly hang outs with friends around movement (coffee walks, sports, ect)

  13. Go on walking dates

  14. Plan a new hike every weekend

  15. Invest in a smart watch to track steps

  16. Use said smart watch to challenge your friends

  17. Get a dog

  18. Always walk instead of drive when you can

  19. Get off bus or train one stop sooner

  20. Do your own grocery shopping instead of online orders

  21. Spend free time doing things that require movement (museums, malls, parks)

  22. Walk whenever you talk on the phone

  23. Use extra time on lunch breaks for a walk

  24. Get a walking pad or treadmill in your office

  25. Listen to audiobooks/podcasts while walking

  26. Read a book while walking on the treadmill

  27. Walk around the block right when you wake up (Bonus: getting sunlight in your eyes first thing in the morning is very beneficial for sleep and energy levels)

  28. Walk on a treadmill or stretch while you watch your favourite Netflix show

  29. Use follow along step videos on youtube to get in steps on the spot

  30. Join a walking club

  31. Join a rec league sport

  32. Find a walking buddy

  33. Walk after every meal (Bonus: helps to not eat as much knowing you have a walk after)

  34. Answer emails/text messages while walking

  35. Clean your house

  36. Do yard work/gardening

  37. Walk in airports

  38. Go out dancing on the weekend

  39. Use a standing desk (not movement exactly but better then sitting

  40. Take the long way to refill your water, get snacks, ect

  41. Use walking as a stress reliever to clear your head

  42. Walk while you wait (bus, appointments, ect)

  43. Dance in your living room

  44. Go play outside with your kids

  45. Draw out the time it takes to complete a task like putting each dish from the dishwasher away one at a time. Put away one item of folded cloth from the laundry pile one at a time.

Remember, you do not have to go from 5000 to 10 000 steps right away. All of these small changes would massively add up to increase your daily movement. Reap the benefits of more movement and let me know which ones you will try or tips you would add to this list in the comments!

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