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I started with Shaina about 8 months ago. During that time Shaina has helped me to achieve many goals, from weight loss and strengthening to finding confidence and Lifelong habits. I have been on many different weight loss programs before but none have taught me how to think different about my health like Shaina has. 

Shaina’s program is much more than weight loss and fitness. Here’s how it works: Shaina provides me with a range of different workouts and daily dietary goals.  Regular check ins, encouraging, thought provoking emails and personal coaching calls with the ability to work out with Shaina one on one has given lots of flexibility to our fitness relationship. Little did I know when I sought out her help that I would learn habits which would

make me think different about the way I treat my body.

Shaina cares about you as a person and it shows in the way she interacts, listens to your feedback and concerns and encourages you. She has allowed me to progress at my own pace and always taken into consideration any personal health risks and limitations. But don’t get me wrong, she is a beast at ensuring you are sticking to your program and being accountable to your commitments and goals.

After 8 months I am proud to say that I have lost 20 pounds and many many inches off my body and for a mature woman (in age only lol) going through menopause that is not an easy feat.  But it is not over yet!  I look forward to seeing what the next 6-8 months will bring on this fitness journey with Shaina and know that she  is just as excited as I am!  Thank you Shaina from the bottom of my heart!

Michelle Lavallee, Canada

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